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Several studies in recent years have demonstrated a damaging effect of mobile phone use on sperm quality in men. We summarize some results.

The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health has long been a hot topic in the scientific community. For example, it is not certain if the radiation of a mobile phone is carcinogenic. Less controversial is the thermal effect: The heat development of a mobile phone can have negative effects on the human body, such as sperm quality.

In recent years, several studies have looked at the effects of cell phone radiation on sperm quality. Most of these studies show a damaging effect of cell phone use on the power of procreation. Below we summarize some of these results.

A 2014 review by researchers from the United Kingdom and Brazil conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of ten observational studies involving 1492 subjects on the impact of cell phone radiation on sperm quality and concluded that cell phone exposure negatively affected sperm quality in men.

A study conducted in 2014 by researchers from Ukraine examined the direct in vitro influence of cell phone radiation on sperm quality in healthy men and found that radiation exposure to cell phones significantly increases DNA fragmentation and reduces sperm motility.

A 2015 study by researchers from China showed that cell phone radiation reduces the progressive mobility and viability of human sperm and increases sperm head defects and early sperm apoptosis.

A study by researchers from Israel in 2015 found that conversations lasting one hour or more a day were associated with higher rates of abnormal seed concentration. Their findings suggest that certain aspects of cell phone use may have negative effects on sperm concentration.

A 2015 study by Egyptian researchers found that radiation exposure to cells significantly reduced sperm motility, linear sperm velocity, sperm linearity index and sperm macrosin activity and significantly increased sperm DNA fragmentation, CLU gene expression and CLU protein levels. CLU gene expression is negatively associated with sperm quality and positively associated with male infertility.

A 2016 study by researchers from China found that daily mobile phone talk time was significantly associated with decreased semen parameters including sperm concentration, semen volume and total sperm count. They concluded that certain aspects of mobile phone use may negatively affect sperm quality in men and thus affect male fertility.

A 2016 study by researchers from Poland found that lifestyle factors such as stress and cell phone use can cause DNA damage to human sperm. In particular, it is noted that the use of mobile phones for more than 10 years is positively associated with the percentage of immature sperm. Data from the study showed a significant effect of age, obesity, cell phone radiation and occupational stress on sperm DNA damage.




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